a kitten lapping milk from a teacup

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katie under christmas lights pompeii (small cat), yodeling
two seagulls by the ocean, posing on a sign that says DANGER the greek-style swimming pool at hearst castle in the fog
hearst castle and palm trees in the fog two pool cues. a set of billiard balls corralled in their triangle.
white trees, green conifers, purple sky at night bongo (small cat), looking sweet
pompeii (small cat), looking sweet two old-school lightbulbs on a wire, hanging in front of a gray sky
babygirl this kiddie pool is yuckydisgusting groovy old victorian townhouses
orange flowers, green grass some kind of curve-roofed industrial buildings silhouetted against sunset
famous hamish, the beautiful orange cat who works at crystal bridges art museum crystal bridges, seen through a red glass lens
flying fish diner at night (with banner that says MUDBUGS ARE HERE) ominous neon open sign, seen from reverse
brick alleyway, with a mural of a funky little guy small red leaves floating at the edge of an electric blue fountain
palm trees in the fog tennis court (and palm trees) in the fog
a globe streetlamp at dusk, unlit funky old cars parked in front of a house
the front door of a round, cottage-y house a maroon, old-school van parked at a curb
two sets of children's handprints in sidewalk concrete a metal firepit, alight
a neon sign that says cocktails with the outline of a martini a tile sign that says Drink Smile: refresh with a smile
a sign that says 1860 Saloon painted on a brick wall, with a couple of blurry guys in the lower corner of the picture a blurry photo of people hanging out at a bar, including a girl wearing light-up fairy wings
two white lion statues outside a bar. there's an orangey film over the image. wind chimes hanging in a store
open pizza boxes on a wooden picnic table at night