[charm bracelets]

pixel club organized by alexandra!

my charm:

[teeny towers]

pixel club organized by key!

my room:

[kitty friends]

pixel club organized by divergentrays!

a magenta alient kitty wearing a blue astronaut's helmet a lavender kitty an orange tabby kitty an orange kitty looking very surprised!! a blueish kitty, winking at you a blushing blue kitty a green kitty wearing a crown of pink flowers lucifer from disney's cinderella, a sinister little gray kitty a calico cat wearing a little crown it's garfield (orange cat) a fluffy black and white cat a sparkly pink cat

my kitties:

a black cat with one white pawa black and white cat

[afternoon tea]

pixel club organized by lost letters!

a white teacup with a red cross and blood bubbling up out of it and spilling over the lip a teacup with a teal and red moth and red flowers on it a teacup filled with succulents a teal teacup with a dandelion pattern a green teacup with a chicken in it a blackteacup dripping with purple clouds a black teacup with gold designs, filled with eyes a teacup filled with rainbow goop a glitchy teal and purple teacup a teacup full of stars with a gold moon design on a blue stripe a teacup with batwings, filled with blood, on a pale purple doily a cracked pink teacup. a teabag tag hanging over the side says RIP, and there's a little ghost escaping it. a blue teacup with whipped cream and cherries on top a brown teacup covered in moss. there are little mushrooms growing inside. a white coffee cup with steam rising out of it a teacup with steam rising from it in the shape of a skull and a little guy (cat) peeking over the edge, looking spooked. a teacup filled with a stormy sea and an orca whale rising out of it a glass teacup that's part beer mug, filled with frothy beer a green mug with a mushroom design on the side. there's a snail in it. a cream-colored teacup with a sparkling rainbow rising over it fish in a glass teacup that has a lamp standing over it a pink teacup filled with strawberries and cream a glass teacup filled with sparkling lemonade, with a fruit slice garnish

my teacups:

an eyeball with an orangey-pink iris in a purple teacup. it tastes like...anise?a gray castle in a black teacup with a gold decoration on the front. it tastes like sulfur and granite.

the castle teacup is based on the arcade game satan's hollow